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My work is site- and context specific and manifests itself along the faultlines and breaking points of our (political) landscape where social injustice, conflicts or problems come to light. I often use the method of recontextualization of existing material, such as buildings, monuments, sculptures, rituals or archival material. These reappropriations or reconstructions are a way to question and problematize the focus on exclusivity within our capitalist society and to declare them as part of a larger public discussion in which individuals are challenged to express their personal relationship to the political. My goal is to bring politics back in the public sphere and test the (im)possibilities of alternative ideas which question the existing hegemony. I want to test the boundaries and presuppositions, which form the fundament of our accepted political reality in order to challenge the paralyzing idea of liberal capitalist democracy as the only political ideal. The work seeks to exceed the parameters of public dialogue and politics by entering the realm of imagination, unexpressed thoughts and dreams.