Die Weltmeisterschaft ist Vorbei

(German for ‘The World Cup has Ended) is a photographic study on the phenomenon of a re-emerging patriotism in Germany. The World Cup 2006 and the Euro 2008 (soccer) saw an unprecedented widespread public display of the national flag in Germany. Many Germans greeted this explosion in the flag’s popularity with a mixture of surprise and fear. This decades-old apprehension derives from the idea that German flag-waving and national pride is inextricably associated with its Nazi past. At the time of the exhibition, six months had passed since Germany had lost the final against Spain in the European championships of 2008. The slideshow presented locations in Kiel where German flags could still be found. The archive of pictures was shown during the exhibition in the Iltisbunker (a relic from WWII) as a way to publicly debate this re-emerging patriotism.