Taking Stock

Taking Stock is made in collaboration with Mariam Elnozahy (EG) and Elke Uitentuis (NL) and is an artistic work which commemorated the closure and consequent transformation of the Townhouse Gallery in Cairo, Egypt. The Townhouse Gallery is an arts institution founded in 1998 and located in downtown Cairo. Due to economic, political and institutional shifts enveloping the Townhouse Gallery, it could no longer continue in its prior form. The project brought together members of the neighborhood and arts community in Cairo to participate in drawing sessions, in which everyone collectively drew the material objects that remain of the Townhouse Gallery together. Through these drawing sessions, participants took stock of a multilayered situation, using Townhouse as a lens to examine a nexus of happenings in downtown and the cultural scene in Egypt at large. Each session was recorded and transcribed anonymously and will be accessible online alongside the drawings on a website that is specifically designed to capture the ‘rite of passage’ that was initiated.