Archeological Survey

The research period took place from the 15th until the 26th of April 2019. Together with architecture students from the Roma Tre University we mapped the remains of the Borghetto Latino. The site of excavation is located along the Via Latina, northeast of the Caffarella park. For two weeks we did an extensive site survey and documented all the different findings, such as fundaments, tile flooring and doorsteps. We kept the area publicly accessible and did not install any barrier tape or fences. Because of this people could visit the excavation site and sometimes even walk straight over the newly excavated remains. In regular archeological projects this would be unacceptable but in our case it proved to be a perfect method to get into contact with passersby. Whenever someone showed interest in our work we would ask this person three simple questions. First we wanted to see if they knew what these remains were. Secondly we would ask them if they had ever heard of the Borghetto Latino and if yes, what kind of stories they could tell about the place. At the end of each conversation we asked the interviewees if they thought it would be a good idea to install an information panel on site, as seen at all the other historical sites in the park.