Deep Time Agency

Deep Time Agency presented its first solo exhibition at Het Nieuwe Instituut. DTA re-contextualised archaeological and paleontological objects in (post-)industrial landscapes, in collaboration with local residents, stakeholders and institutions. The result was a series of case studies that highlighted changing landscapes and found objects, brought together in an overarching artistic project. The first four parts, Descent into the Future (2020), Concrete Reef (2022), Ancestors Rising (2022) and Swamp Palace (2022), were shown in the exhibition. The long, vertical space functioned as a mineshaft in this exhibition, highlighting various finds from geological layers and excavation sites explored in the agency’s different projects. 

Deep Time Agency’s projects spring from the crossroads of art, design, archaeology and cultural heritage. The interdisciplinary work can be seen as exercises in deep-time thinking, trying to break through the short-term thinking that stands at the origin of the climate crisis. Deep Time Agency is characterised by a strong methodical approach. By means of temporary interventions, it focuses on archaeological objects that have been found in various (post-)industrial landscapes, collaborating with scientists, experts and local residents. Deep Time Agency believes that mining areas deserve more attention, especially in a time characterised by the awareness of the finiteness of fossil fuels and other industrial resources.