Ancestors Rising

Drone flight over the Garzweiler lignite mine as a means to reactivate two 10.000 year old archaeological objects, North-Rhine Westphalia, DE. (2022)


(Dutch for 'Clear Cut') Overview of tree-felling protests in the Netherlands, used as source material for a series of performances in the Amstelpark in Amsterdam, NL. (2020 - 2022)

Una Forza Del Passato

(Italian for 'A Force from the Past') Archeological survey of the former Borghetto Latino, an informal neighborhood in the Appian Way Regional Park in Rome, IT. (2019 - 2022)

Taking Stock

Commemorative work on the closure and consequent transformation of the Townhouse Gallery in Cairo, EG through a series of interactive still-life drawing sessions. (2020 - 2021)

Descent into the Future

Alternative exhibition module that returns archaeological objects to their original find sites in NRW, Blausteinsee, DE. (2020 - 2021)

Golden Tide

Project on the influx of sargassum seaweed in the Caribbean, launched at a tourist market in Curaçao. (2019)

Beacon Tree

Outdoor painting sessions as a means to organize a neighborhood gathering based on an ancient tradition of a local trysting tree in Dagenham, London, UK. (2017 - 2019)

The Island of a Million Palm Trees

Palm tree made from waste tires found on the man-made island of Nurana in the North of Bahrain. (2017)


(Dutch for Neighborhood Watch) Mobile projection of an animated Assyrian sculpture 'patrolling' the streets around a newly opened asylum center in Maastricht, NL (2016)

Paraíso Ocupado

(Portuguese for 'Occupied Paradise') An exhibition as a proposal for a new museum in Rio de Janeiro based on the reconstruction of a failed modernist plan. (2012 - 2016)

Vapauden Temppeli

(Finnish for 'Freedom Temple') Reconstruction of a failed memorial proposal with the aim to reconsider the foundations of the Finnish state. (2015)

De Vlucht

(The Flight) Sugar sculpture as a temporary monument dedicated to newly arrived migrants in Breda, NL. (2015)


(Property Damage) A series of graffiti works in Germany based on the investigation of left-wing extremism by the German right-wing extremists, NPD. (2013)

Weest geen Knecht der Menschen

(Be not a servant of men) Documentary work on the conflict between protestant Mennonites and Ayoreo indians in Paraguay. (2013)

Insanlik Aniti - Yardim Eden Eller

(Turkish for Monument to Humanity - Helping Hands) Proposal for a new Monument to Humanity as an alternative for the demolished sculpture in Kars, TR. (2011 - 2013)

St. Joseph

Participatory ritual on notions of debt, poverty, prosperity and wealth in a neighborhood in Boxtel, NL. (2013)

Privacy Statement

Public intervention with CCTV cameras with the aim to find participants for workshop about online privacy, Zoetermeer, NL. (2013)

Open to the Public

Research and a public platform for discussion about the meaning and potential of vacant buildings in Preston, UK. (2013)

De Meent

(The Commons) A proposal to buy a house with a large, heterogeneous group of people in the center of Amsterdam, NL. (2012)

To the Other End

Project about the live export of sheep from Western Australia towards the Middle East. (2012)

Where Opinions Meet

Public consultation on the design of two mosques in Eindhoven, NL. (2010)

My Country is the World

Redesigned post-war propaganda posters with quotes from cosmopolitan thinkers as a proposal to reimagine a historical narrative. (2010)


(Public Consultation) Project on the phenomenon of citizen participation in urban planning, situated in a renovated neighborhood in Leeuwarden, NL. (2009)

Your Home is in Our Hands

Exploring the fallout of the American housing crisis by pushing a model home through the streets of a Los Angeles suburb, eliciting reactions, US. (2009)

Model Citizens

Miniature replica of neighborhood as basis for community workshop, Cairo, EG. (2009)

Celebrate Diversity

Performance with flags of the 10 most represented nationalities in the city of Eindhoven, NL. (2008)

Imagine Anything

Performance at speakers corner with commercial slogans found in city center of Toronto, CA. (2008)

Iceland Best Place to Live

30 Minutes performances in the city of Reykjavik with the aim to question Iceland’s first-place position in the annual U.N. report. (2007)

Sell and Cash

A display of local food products as a way to promote the agricultural heritage in the village of Sangiorgiu de Mures, RO. (2007)

100% Natural

Intervention in Jordanian village with small billboards depicting natural elements cut out from street litter. (2007)

Demonstration of Protest

Public performance with replicas of historical banners used during previous protests in the city of Nijmegen, NL. (2007)

Sign Language

Video projections in public space of the sign language used by construction workers, Amsterdam, NL. (2007)

Your Home is a Castle

Project about disappearance of informal architecture in Groningen, NL (2006)

Interfacing Space

An installation as an abstract spatial experiment to test the influence of architecture on the movements of its users in Eindhoven, NL (2006).

Rave Nature

Temporary stage in a forest near Maastricht, NL (2005)


Tunnel through gallery creates new public space in Groningen, NL (2004)

Refuse Dump

Intervention in newly build neighborhood with objects found in garbage containers in the Leidsche Rijn, NL (2004)


Facade project that combined old traditional Dutch heritage with new cultural influences. Realized in The Hague, NL (2004)


Architectural installation based on a research of atriums in office buildings in Rotterdam, NL (2003)


Installation made within a vacant shop with the aim to question the health and safety legislation in Leiden, NL. (2002)


Project examined the authenticity of Dutch forests. (2002)