Celebrate Diversity

This video is a registration of a performance with a car decorated in flags from the 10 most common nationalities in Eindhoven. Every day the flags were changed for a new set of flags. The performance was filmed from inside the car, recording the reactions of the people in the street. By making use of a stereotypical phenomenon of nationalism, the project tried to show a new understanding of multiculturalism. By celebrating a new nationality every day the differences become interchangeable and boundaries between them dissolve.

The video documented the reactions of the people in the street. During our performance it became clear that every ‘celebrated’ culture resulted in different responses. We got the most aggressive responses on the German flag. The Moroccan and Turkish community responded very expressive on their own flags, while others were  clearly upset. In general the responses on the Surinam and Belgium flags were positive. Most of the Dutch citizens ignored their own national symbol and we question how many people recognized the Indonesian flag. The Chinese seemed to be the most reserved and the flags of the United Kingdom gave people a reason to stare.