‘Basis’ was a process-orientated exhibition with 20 participating artists that took place in ‘Artis’, an artist-run space in Den Bosch, the Netherlands. The involved artists were selected through an open call in which they were asked to join without having preconceived ideas. Everyone was asked to use the city of Den Bosch as their working area. Artis functioned as an indoor-campsite where artist could reside for a period of five weeks. Other facilities were a meeting room and a documentation space where the participants showed their work in process. Visitors were able to see and follow all the different processes of the participants.

In collaborative brainstorm sessions, held every Sunday afternoon, we discussed issues, such as: the position of an artist-run space (artist initiative) in relation to museums, the position of art in general, the influence and effect of art on society, art in public space and the relation with the public. After five weeks a final exhibition was organized that showed the results of the different works.