Sign to Eutopia

The project was based on a desire to focus on the city structure and to find alternative artistic use of everyday objects and spaces. The artists explored possibilities of redefining the environment of the city by realizing interventions in public space. We organized the residency because we hoped the exchange between the artists would lead to a bigger understanding of the value of the Dutch environment and of the influence of city planning in general.

To make this residence possible we build a living area in the gallery of Sign, complete with sleeping cabins, shower, kitchen and a meeting area. The meetingplace was situated in the back space of Sign. The garage door was open when we were there. It gave the residence place an open and transparent character.

During the residency all artist produced projects in public space. A webpage on the website of the Gallery informed the public about the proces, the dates for the coming projects, etc. After the residency period we organised a documentation exhibition in Sign. Video’s, photographs, drawings and texts were presented that gave an insight in the projects made in public space and the thoughts behind them.